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Mac version is cancelled until Unity fixes a bug with serialization.
It sucks to say, but unfortunately, after all this time of me trying to figure out what the hell is going on with my scripts on 32 bit systems (Mac), the bug th...
Mac build is temporary disabled. Further investiagtion needed.
It may have not been just issue with Mac, but 32-bit OS'es overall. I turned on the game with a debugger on a 32-bit compile and let's just say... what i saw wa...
Investigating CTD with Mac build.
Apologies as usual, i have no Mac computers or Mac version testers, so it's a bit tough to find the bugs like crashing on startup, since i have no ways of start...
Mac controller quickfix is now avaliable.
Apologies for the delay, Mac users controllers should now move the camera more apropriately. (Shucks that my old crappy PC compiles stuff so slowly but yeah)
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Linux gamepad quick fix is now avaliable
Apologies for the delay, now you guys can use the controller without camera freaking out.
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Quick fix is uploaded
Gamepad controlled camera should work now. Thanks for the patience.
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Camera issue has been found. Quickfix will come soon.
It has to do with the gamepad input, i'll try to get a hotfix done soon. For now, please use KB and Mouse, if you can, to find other bugs!
Update is up.
Update is up, patch notes are in the forum. Mac and Linux versions have been added, too. If you own any of thes...