Mac version is cancelled until Unity fixes a bug with serialization.

It sucks to say, but unfortunately, after all this time of me trying to figure out what the hell is going on with my scripts on 32 bit systems (Mac), the bug that nuked *ALL* of the scripts on that architecture has to do with script serialization within the editor.

No matter what i tried: 

switching to a whole new project...

re-structuring my script files...

getting rid of scripts connected to serialization...

Nothing bloody works. Literally everything breaks and i can't do anything about it.

I tried everything.

I am sorry. But Mac version will have to wait. Perhaps in future versions of Unity this will somehow be fixed... but as it is, i can't do anything about it, i am still an amateur coder, so maybe there is just something i am missing, but i don't know.

Then again, it could've been me messing up somehow, but damn that's depressing. I really hoped it would work and that i'd be able to support all platforms, but looks like not everything works in my plans as usual, sadly.

My apologies to Mac users, and 32x users. That's where we part ways for now.

Let's hope that the next time it will work easily.

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